Photo above & pen & ink drawing upper right by Teresa Kasner


The 2018 FOMF Volunteer Appreciation Picnic held at Cascade Locks Marine Park Pavilion- Group Photo - Courtesy of Teresa Kasner

The Eagle Creek Fire, was reported Sept. 2, 2017 at approximately 4 p.m in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The fire grew to 3,000 acres overnight that first night. During the night of September 4th and 5th, east winds, combined with excessive heat caused the fire rapidly increase in size pushing westward. As of the morning of September 5th, the fire had grown to over 20,000 acres and had spotted across the Columbia River into Washington near Archer Mountain. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels helped slow fire growth over the next several days. As of September 26, the fire was at 48,573 acres. Kudos to the firefighters who saved Multnomah Falls Lodge from burning! Thank you!

The 2017 FOMF Volunteer Appreciation Picnic held at Guy F. Talbot State Park at Latourell- Group Photo - Courtesy of Teresa Kasner

The 100th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Historic Columbia River Highway held at Multnomah Falls on June 7th, 2016. The event began with an amazing blessing chant with Chief Delvis Heath, Sr. and Jefferson Greebe, members of the Confederated Tribe of Warm Springs. Former Governors Ted Kulongowski and Barbara Roberts gave inspiring speeches, a six member Centennial Chorus was led by Teresa Kasner to sing the National Anthem - all members of Portland area chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Five local girls representing the Corbett area in white lace dresses carried baskets of rose petals and threw them out to lead in the Queen of Rosaria, accompanied by 30 Royal Rosarians. Local musician Thomas Lauderdale (of Portland band "Pink Martini" played "Roll On Columbia" on a beautiful grand piano in front of Multnomah Falls while the DAR Centennial Chorus sang with him. It was a magical and special day.

Flooding at the Falls on December 7, 2015 by Terry Hill

Flooding at the Falls on December 7, 2015 by Ron Goodwin

Friends of Multnomah Falls Interpretive Volunteer Picnic 2013 held at Guy W. Talbot State Park in the small town of Latourell. The Friends provide the BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers and the volunteers bring potluck items. This is when we recognize and thank our volunteers for all their dedicated hard work.

Our Volunteers have many Interpretive Training opportunities! Our training trip on the Mt. Hood Railroad was on June 6th and the volunteers will be taking a training cruise on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge on June 20th. We also have an Annual Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop in the late Winter and an Annual meeting in the late Fall. If you'd like to be a FOMF Volunteer, just let us know!!

Our training trip on the Mt. Hood Railroad was on June 6th, 2013 - Volunteer Shirley & Husband John

Interpretive Volunteer Training Bus Tour 2012 - After a visit to the Steigerwald Wildlife Refuge in Washington the volunteers had lunch and a tour of the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort in Washington.

This certificate above was awarded to the Friends of Multnomah Falls
by the US Forest Service at our 2011 Annual Meeting,
along with a letter signed by President Obama.

Photo of the splash from a large rock that fell in 1995 - Click HERE for the whole story!

On September 6, 1995 a 400 ton rock broke loose from the face of Multnomah Falls and plunged into the pool at the base, creating a wave of water and small rocks that inundated a wedding party taking photos on the Benson Bridge. Of the 20 people, 16 were taken to the hospital with minor injuries such as a broken arm from the rock shrapnel. This rock was the size of a school bus.

FOMF Annual Meeting November 8, 2010

From left: Emily Kessler, Aaron Pedersen, Maxine Wilkins,
Elizabeth Kennedy, Teresa Kasner, Jen Kevil, Dan Harkenrider & Ron Goodwin

Photo by Christine Mermilliod - Dec 25, 2008

Photo by Ron Goodwin - 2005

Photo of a Pika - taken by a visitor, Jason Grassman on (6-30-08)

Coho Salmon spawning Nov. 8, 2004 in Multnomah Creek - Photo by Ron Goodwin

Photo of the Multnomah Falls Plaza in Autumn by Teresa Kasner - 2007

Volunteers at work in the Visitor's Center - Photo by Teresa Kasner - 2007

Interpretive Displays in the Information Center - Photo by Teresa Kasner - 2007

The Lodge in Autumn - Photo by Teresa Kasner - 2007

Photo by Denise Hawke using Teresa Kasner's camera - October, 2007

Multnomah Falls Lodge "dressed for the holidays" - photo taken on Nov 29, 2007 by Teresa Kasner's cell phone!

Winter Ice at Multnomah Falls - Photo by Ron Goodwin - 2004

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