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FOMF Projects

The Friends of Multnomah Falls collects funds through memberships, fundraisers and donations from the donation box at the visitor center. FOMF manages these funds in strict adherence to our mission statement. Some of these funds are segregated into a fund that we use for special projects at Multnomah Falls.

History of FOMF Projects

Mar - New Shelf for Smokey Bear Stamps
Apr - Road Signs to prevent walking on the Historic Columbia River Highway narrow viaduct
Jun - The 100th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Historic Columbia River Highway held at Multnomah Falls on June 7th, 2016.
Jun - Flag and Flag Pole installed outside of the Visitors Center
Nov - Newly Re-Designed Membership Brochures
Dec - New Office Chairs ordered for the Interpretive Volunteers to use while serving in the Visitors Center.

Feb - New Bench for visitors to sit on in Visitor Center
Apr - 50,000 Rack Cards reprinted
Jun - 50,000 Large MF brochures re-designed and printed
Sep - Presented 100th Anniversary of MF Site with postcards, posters, pins, speakers & entertainment.
Oct - Up-graded Computer on the counter in VC.

Feb - Replaced the flooring in the office and behind the counter.
May - Replaced the key-pad door lock on the employees door.
Oct - Replaced Old Growth Posters with Conifer Posters.
Nov - New DVD and DVD player donated by Dennis Stilwell to go with the TV.

Feb - New tan vests for all volunteers with color logo patch on the front
May - Replaced LED lights and holders behind Visitors Center counter

Jan - Supplied tools and shop vac for the Visitor Center.
        Reworked shelves in the Visitor Center office.
Feb - First aid scholarship reimbursed (1st one)
Mar - New safe installed with a drop-in slot.

Mar 31st - Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop held at the historic Auditorium at Bonneville Dam.
Apr 11th - Interpretive Volunteer Training Bus Tour of Steigerwald Wildlife Preserve in WA, lunch and tour at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort, driving tour of North Bonneville.
May - New wood trim at Volunteer Desk area and refinishing display woodwork.
Aug - New shelf unit in Volunteer storage area.
Sep - Handed out 15,000 Hiking Loop Maps in one year.
<> New sign-in desk with brochure holders.
Oct - Participated in Fourth Annual Salmon Festival with Mt. Hood CC and USFS.

Feb - Interpretive Training Session held at the historic Columbia Grange building in Corbett, OR.
Mar - Replaced all lights in the Visitor Center with LED bulbs and new lighting and wiring in Nature Display paid for by donations FOMF & USFS Partnership Funds.
Apr - New Rain Gauge for weather station.
May - 50,000 new 4x9" rack cards designed by Teresa Kasner, FOMF President. Paid for by donations by Rick Buck, Multnomah Falls Co. and donations collected in the Visitors Center - FOMF & USFS Parternship Funds.
         <> Paid for 2 basalt stone carved column (6,000 lbs)
         <> Replaced pictures on the display flip table.
         <> Interpretive Volunteer Training Bus tour to Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center at Stevenson, WA to Hood River Museum via the Washington side East of Bridge of the gods.
Jun - New stone bench built by stonemason Gabriel Weiss, as well as stonework along the trail, paid for by memberships & donations collected in the Visitors Center - FOMF & USFS Partnership Funds.
Jul - Volunteer & Membership Annual Picnic held at Guy N. Talbot State Park.
Aug - New History Program on Multnomah Falls site by Twila Mysinter and Hal Meyerdierck.
         <> Family Kid's Day Event a great success
September - Rattlesnake skin mounted for display on VC wall.
November - Participated in the Third Annual Salmon Festival with many Coho Salmon in Multnomah Creek - in partnership with Mt. Hood Community College.

Mar. - Placement of door stops and dead bolts on door in Visitors Center
May - Replaced computer for volunteer and visitor use in Visitors Center
Jun. - Authorized Gabriel Weiss to do more stonework plus a bench past Benson Bridge.
         <> Donated $500 to Multnomah Co. Sheriff for Vol. Gorge Watch Group to check trailheads.
         <> Donated Barn Owl put on display.
Sep. - Ranger Aaron Pedersen moved to Estacada/Zigzag RD

Oct. - Replaced the copier/printer in the Visitors Center office.
         <>  Replaced the anemometer on the pole north of the railroad bridge (blew apart last winter).
Nov. - Participated in Second Annual Salmon Festival at Multnomah Falls.
Dec. - Ranger Nicole Lund hired as On-Site Manager at MF.

Mar. - Final Visitor Center interior displays installed.
Jul. - Tour of Bull Run Watershed and brought 266 year old Douglas Fir wedge for display in Visitor Ctr.
Aug. - Greg Robinson starts stonework project to set Cast Bronze on the plaza near coffee stand.
Sep. - Start of rock work along the trail to above the Benson Bridge by Gabriel Weiss.
Received $3,000 Grant from Spirit Mountain
         <> Community Fund for stonework project.
Oct. - Re-prints of Multnomah Falls Brochures (50,000) 35,000 summer & 15,000 winter

Jan. - Purchased Wildflower & Old Growth Posters, available for a donation.
May - 8’ carving of Native American women with cattails on old growth cedar by Adam McIsaac into the Visitor Center. Cast bronze by Greg Robinson of early Native Americans with Coyote on the outside circle first placed on the plaza.
Aug. & Sept. - Part of Visitor Displays installed.

Feb. - Deposit to start design and fabrication for new exhibits.
Sept. - Received $50,000 Grant from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde for exhibits.
Oct. - Received $50,000 Grant from the Spirit Mountain Community Fund for exhibits.
Aug. - New website domain name -

Feb. - Purchased photo copier to produce maps, etc., for visitors.
Apr. - Purchase of Gorge Trust Maps for donation collection.
May  - Designed and received new 16x20” color M.F. brochures (summer and winter).
- Designed & purchased a new M.F. Pin for donation collection.
- Five new Site Signs completed and installed.
Aug.  First Columbia Gorge Artist Event at Multnomah Falls with the Lodge and F.S.
Oct. - Change from a Volunteer Coordinator to 7 schedulers for scheduling FOMF Volunteers.
Nov. - Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area at the  Annual Meeting.
Mar. - Received donation from of a computer, weather station, wifi, etc. for Visitors Center.

June - Paid for design and production of large Site Information and Fish Habitat signs for site.
Sept. - Paid for two doggie bag dispensers to be used on the trail.
Oct. - Participated with FS on meeting of Volunteer Groups in the Gorge.
- Purchased and set-up a sandwich board outside the Visitor Center.
- Up-dated Goals and Objectives completed.

Jan. - 15th Anniversary pens to volunteers.
May  - Started 5-7 minute Osprey Presentations on the lower plaza during the day.
Nov. - Retirement of Pat Sims as Volunteer Coordinator (10 years).  Replaced by Co-Volunteer Coordinators who also filled in for site manager on days off.
- FOMF Static clings given to members and volunteers for placement in car or home windows

Apr. - Re-vegetation project with volunteers from FOMF, Gorge Watch and FS staff from the NSA by front sign, along the new ramp and the trail.
- Developed our own web site -
- Lewis and Clark field trips for volunteers and members.
June - Participated in USFS and Lodge Father’s Day Celebration.

Jan. - Wildflower pictures displayed on rings in Visitor Center.
- Trac Lighting installed in Visitor Center.
- Brass foot rail placed in Visitor Center behind counter.
Apr.  - Geology video-tapes from evening program made available for check-out by volunteers.
Summer - Helped with foot traffic control during construction of new ADA ramp at Lower Plaza and re-paving to top of falls.
Nov. - Multnomah Falls Poster donated to new Oregon State Police (Gorge Watch) office in East Portland (Mall 205).

Jan. - Purchased portable PA system for presentations.
- Contributed to production of additional color Multnomah Falls brochures.
Feb. - Rented a storage unit for storage of posters, brochures, picnic supplies, etc.
- Designed and printed new membership and volunteer brochures.
June - Participated in 75th Anniversary of Multnomah Falls Lodge with Lodge and NSA.
Sept. - A volunteer purchased and donated a laminator for use in Visitor Center.
- Designed and purchased a Passport rubber stamp for Visitor Center.

Spr. - Falls Poster printed and being sold by various outlets.
- Re-vegetation project for lower area where handicap trail was destroyed by 1996 storm.
Nov. - Raked leaves at Wahkeena Falls Picnic Area.

Spr. - Korean and French language brochures produced.
June - Presentations on Lower Falls platform started.
July - FOMF and USFS (NSA) agreement to handle funds as a Partnership.

Jan. - Smokey Bear rubber stamps purchased.
May - FOMF ball point pens purchased.
Nov. - New Blue Vests with printing on back awarded to volunteers.
- Revision of by-laws.

May - Third cedar bench completed by Friends for upper plaza.
July - First annual FOMF picnic.
Sept. - First USFS/NSA picnic for recognition of volunteers.
Nov. - First Volunteer of Year Award at Annual Meeting.

Spring - USFS and FOMF Volunteer Training with handbooks plus tours.
Dec. - Helped clear Visitor Center of snow and ice. 

Mar. - Contribution to Friends of Vista House for restoration work.
Oct. - Awarded AT&T Wireless Grant to restore areas damaged by trail cutting up to the Benson  Bridge in Partnership with USFS (NSA).
- Supplied cedar lumber and hardware for Springdale Job Corps to make 3 benches for upper viewing area.
- Russian language brochure produced.

June - Became regular partner to Partnership agreement with US Forest Service  (NSA) in staffing the new Interpretive Center after Lodge remodeling completed.
- Provided name badges for volunteers.
- Volunteer recognition at Annual Meeting.
- Designed and purchased donation boxes.
- Framed Columbia River Gorge Topographic Maps front and back for Lodge restroom foyer.
- Started leading hikes as part of Friends of  Columbia Gorge Hiking Weekend.
- Pencils for children as rewards for staying on the trail.
- Loaner umbrellas for visitors.
- Purchased hiking and flower books for Visitor Center Library.

Spring - Supplied hiking and travel maps, stickers, games, and pogs for visitors.

Mar.  First Focus on Falls Newsletter produced.
- Began offering Spring and Fall evening programs at Multnomah Falls Lodge.

Winter - Began staffing Nature Center above the Lodge during the “off season”.
June - Staged 75th Anniversary Celebration of Historic Columbia River Highway with the Lodge.
Oct. - Worked with U.S. Forest Service  (National Scenic Area) recruiting volunteer trail crew members to assist after the Falls Fire.

May - Began maintaining five plaza planters with plants, bark dust and fertilizer.
- Purchased 1st blue vests for volunteers.
- Printing of trail and road maps for visitors.
Sept. - Staged 75th Anniversary Celebration of Multnomah Falls as a park.

Fall - Incorporated as a non-profit 501(C)3 organization with a Mission Statement in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service (Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area).

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