Volunteer Information Center Host Job Description

Job Title: Volunteer Information Center Host

Program Goal: To support the Forest Service in its activities on the site and to provide excellent customer service to the visitors at Multnomah Falls.

1.  Free Forest Service personnel from Visitor Center duties for their presence on trails, plaza and in the parking lots.
2.  Be the security and information base for Forest Service personnel via the radio.
3.  Inform the Forest Service site Manager of immediate crisis, emergencies or events and take action as directed by the Forest Service Site Manager.
4.  Clearly and accurately convey Forest Service rules, regulations and closures to the visitors.
5.  Provide accurate information and clear directions to the visitors.
6.  Interact with visitors to the site in a friendly and gracious manner.


1.  Familiarize yourself with the interpretive displays, brochures, photographs, hand-outs, and books.
2.  Sign in upon beginning of your shift, wear a volunteer vest and badge.
3.  Be familiar with the FOMF training manual.
4.  Provide visitors with brochures and maps.
5.  Give directions to places of interest.
6.  Know how to answer the telephone and communicate on the radio.
7.  Respond quickly according to the Forest Service protocol to emergencies.
8.  Keep and record accurate visitor counts.
9.  Log accurate and detailed entries in the sign-in book when a significant event occurs.
10.  Provide support for Forest Service employees and law enforcement officials if called upon.
11.  Provide ongoing assistance in cleaning during slack times.
12.  Perform work, such as restocking brochures, which may be requested by the Forest Service.
13.  Keep the volunteer coordinator apprised of any issues that may occur during your shift.


            1.  Minimum age of 16 (with parental permission until 18).
            2.  Have transportation to and from Multnomah Falls.
            3.  Be able to observe and report changes in visitor center needs to the site manager.
            4.  Be able to communicate orally, one-on-one and with small groups of visitors of all ages
                 with diverse backgrounds and languages.  Proficiency in a foreign language is not
                 necessary but the ability to be patient and to attempt to understand a foreigner’s efforts
                 to communicate is essential.
            5.  Be able to interact, provide information and to serve a wide variety of people and situations
                 with patience and enthusiasm.
            6.  Be able to work under pressure at times.
            7.  Be able to find an answer to a reasonable question or request if you do not know the answer.
            8.  Be able to handle an emergency until the Forest Service arrives.  This includes medical, theft, missing person, behavior, etc.

 Training and Supervision:

The volunteer should attend an annual training session, sponsored by FOMF and the Forest Service.  Optional educational programs are offered by FOMF several times a year.  FOMF also offers an on-the-job mentoring program. 

The FOMF volunteer coordinator will schedule the time you will work at the site.  While you are working on the site, you will be supervised by the Forest Service Site Manager.

If you have any questions about issues during your shift, address them to the Forest Service Site Manager.  All other issues should be addressed to the volunteer coordinator.


The volunteer coordinator and the Forest Service Site Manager will review with you your progress towards helping FOMF accomplish our volunteer objectives.  They will seek any suggestions on how FOMF can help you reach these objectives.  The first review will occur after your first ninety days and annually thereafter.  The Forest Service Site Manager will work with the volunteer coordinator on any issues which need to be addressed immediately.


Each volunteer will work a 3 or 4 hour shift when they report for duty.  The volunteer is expected to arrive 15 minutes early.  The volunteer who is leaving is expected to remain until a replacement arrives or make some other arrangement with the Forest Service Site Manager.  The volunteer who is leaving is expected to remain long enough to acquaint the replacement with significant information.  A volunteer should expect to work a least twice a month in order to really know the job; once a week is preferable. FOMF will provide mentoring for those who are only able to work occasionally or for anyone desiring increased support on their shift.


            1.  Opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
            2.  A chance to practice your second language, especially Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, and Russian.
            3.  A letter of recommendation for future job or volunteer opportunities.
            4.  An opportunity to continue our usefulness and expertise beyond retirement.
            5.  An opportunity to introduce your older teenagers to or to continue a volunteer program with them.
            6.  An opportunity to get away from “home-ownership work” for a while.

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