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FOMF Volunteers

The Friends of Multnomah Falls is a non-profit volunteer organization. Over 4 million visitors visit Multnomah Falls every year. In 1994, the Forest Service opened the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center. Visitors to Multnomah Falls want information about the history and natural history of the Falls, the trails near the Falls and other sites they might visit while they are in Oregon and Washington. FOMF trains our volunteers to answer these questions and how to help the Forest Service with other visitor services at Multnomah Falls. After 16 hours of volunteer service each year you earn a NW Forest Pass from the USFS.

You do not need to be a member of FOMF to volunteer in the Visitor Center, but membership is encouraged. New volunteers are subject to a criminal background check.

Chris Meinicke - Volunteer Recruiter - 503-645-3124 or email HERE
- Visitor Center Volunteer Job Description
- Click here to download a Volunteer Application

Please fill out the application and send it to:

The Friends of Multnomah Falls
Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 426
Troutdale OR  97060

Volunteer of the Year 2019 - Dave Mysinger

Past Volunteers of the Year

2018 - Carl Collins
2017 - Day Schedulers - Flora Huber, Ron Goodwin, John Buddeau, Dave Mysinger, Denise Hawke, Collyn Baldwin and Joanne Tennant
2016 - Terry Hill
2015 - Hank Bennett
2014 - Dollie & Lynn Rasmussen
2013 - Gareth Wilson
2012 - Charlie White
2011 - Twila Mysinger
2010 - Teresa Kasner
2009 - Hal White
2008 - Roger Buss
2007 - Aileen Ashley
2006 - Billie Anger
2005 - Katie Goodwin
2004 - Max Wilkins
2003 - Frank Koepke
2002 - Keith Walker
2001 - Ben Thompson
2000 - Maxine Wilkins
1999 - Linda Galligani
1998 - Ron Goodwin
1997 - Pat Sims

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