Annual Meeting November 14, 2022

Welcoming Address by Steve Vanier, President

Acknowledgement of prominent FOMF members and guests:

  • Rick Buck, President of the Multnomah Falls Lodge Company, which is the authorized concessionaire operating Multnomah Falls Lodge
  • Beth Kennedy, Natural Resources Interpretive Specialist for the USFS’s Region 6, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
  • Josh Daker, Multnomah Falls Site Manager for the USFS’s Region 6, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
  • Mildred Haffey, a senior member and lifetime member of Friends of Multnomah Falls, who worked at Multnomah Falls Lodge during World War II, met her future husband while working at the Lodge.

Call to Order and beginning of business session:

  • Nominating Committee’s Report for Board Officers and Directors – Billie Anger presiding.

Billie will present the recommended slate of Officers and Directors  for the upcoming 2023.

Request for other nominations for Board Officers from the floor.

Board Members at Large: Katie Goodwin;, Flora Huber, and Steve Vanier

to be voted in for two years.

Board Officers: President, Steve Vanier; Vice-President, Dave Mysinger; Secretary, Russ Williams; Treasurer, Jim Geisler.

Motion made from the floor to vote in recommended slate.

The Board returning for their second year were the following: Jim Geisler, Jerry King, Dave Mysinger, Karen Stefonek, Russ Williams

  • Presentation of our 2023 Annual Budget – Jim Geisler, Treasurer

The proposed budget of 2023 was passed and accepted. By the membership votes .


[End of Business session]

Presentation of Awards – Katie Goodwin presiding

Volunteer of the Year:  Steve Vanier

Special Merit:  Karen Stefonek

Special Merit:  Billie Anger

Special Merit:  Ron Goodwin

Most Visitor Center Hours:  Russ Williams

Enthusiasm:  Flora Huber

5 year pin:  Jerry King

10 year pin:  John Buddeau

15 year pin:  Kathleen McIntire


Day Schedulers:  Flora Huber, Ron Goodwin, Steve Vanier, Dave Mysinger,

Jerry King and Joanne Tennant.

Retiring Board Members:  Carl and Kathy Collins and Collyn Baldwin

Board Members:  Steve Vanier, Dave Mysinger, Jim Geisler, Russ Williams, Flora Huber, Karen Stefonek and Katie Goodwin

Closing remarks by Steve Vanier