We Love Our Volunteers!

We are always looking for new volunteers who love The Gorge and enjoy meeting people.

We offer our volunteers a flexible schedule and supportive training opportunities.
Select here if you would like to review the “Volunteer Information Center Host Job Description” (pdf). 

If you would like to become a volunteer, please complete the application. You do not need to be a member of FOMF to volunteer in the Visitor Center, but membership is encouraged. Select here to learn how to become a member.  If you want more information about the FOMF program please contact us with the contact form towards the bottom of this page – and we will be in touch! 

The Friends of Multnomah Falls is a non-profit volunteer organization. Over 2 million visitors visit Multnomah Falls every year, more than any other site in the state of Oregon.

In 1994, the Forest Service [“USFS”] opened the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center, and the Friends of Multnomah Falls [“FOMF”] was created shortly thereafter, to provide the public with experienced, well trained and personable volunteers to support the USFS’s endeavors.  Visitors to Multnomah Falls want information about the human and natural history of the Falls, the trails near the Falls and other sites they might visit while they are in Oregon and Washington. FOMF trains our volunteers to answer these questions and how to help the USFS with other visitor services at Multnomah Falls.   As one of the many benefits volunteers receive, is that after 16 hours of volunteer service each year you earn a NW Forest Pass from the USFS.

Each budding springtime, our volunteers and members renew their skills and find new ones, by attending our group training sessions hosted jointly by FOMF and the USFS.  Each relaxing summer, our volunteers and members gather outdoors in the sunlight for our family picnic, to connect with each other, and to enjoy each other’s company.  In the crisp and shorter days of fall, our Annual Meeting and mid-day banquet is another opportunity to socialize while the Board officers review our year’s performance, and our membership approves the coming year’s budget and elects our new slate of officers for the coming year.  This Annual Meeting is usually held in early November.

Past Volunteers of the Year

Carl Collins
Day Schedulers:
Flora Huber
Ron Goodwin
John Buddeau
Dave Mysinger
Denise Hawke
Collyn Baldwin
Joanne Tennant
Terry Hill
Hank Bennett
Dollie & Lynn Rasmussen

Gareth Wilson

Charlie White
Twila Mysinger
Teresa Kasner
Hal White
Roger Buss
Aileen Ashley
Billie Anger
Katie Goodwin

Max Wilkins
Frank Koepke
Keith Walker
Ben Thompson
Maxine Wilkins
Linda Galligani
Ron Goodwin
Pat Sims