You do not need to volunteer to be a member of FOMF, nor do you need to be a member to volunteer. Members and volunteers receive a newsletter three times a year and can vote on issues concerning the by-laws and for the officers and board members at the annual meeting. We invite everyone who supports our mission statement to become a member!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of every month to make decisions on policies, events and the FOMF budget. The president presides over the FOMF Board and represents FOMF to all of our partners. FOMF has several committees that discuss the business of our organization and then bring recommendations to the board of directors. These committees include: the budget, partnership fund, presentations, by-laws, audit, volunteer development, gardening and ad hoc committees. The committees are usually comprised of board members; but, members are always welcomed to join the committees of their choosing.


The by-laws define the legal structure of FOMF.  Our by-laws are occasionally reviewed by a By-Laws Committee and revisions are proposed to the membership at our annual meeting.