by Kathy Collins

Although the Gorge area, as well as the nation, has been facing extraordinary challenges due to the pandemic, the Friends of Multnomah Falls volunteers have continued their commitment to the organization’s mission of enhancing memorable experiences for all visitors at the Falls area. Our 30 year old organization, even after various government shut-downs, navigating many challenging winters, the 2017 fire and pandemic, continues to plan ahead to staff the Visitor Center at Multnomah Falls. This is an amazing group of volunteers.

I apologize to all Newsletter readers.  In the late spring of 2021,  our Newsletter editor and Media Specialist, Teresa Kasner, died suddenly.  Her last issue of Focus on The Falls was published in the winter of 2021 just before her  untimely death.  It has taken the board some time to fill those important roles left by Teresa.  Thank you for your understanding during the long delay in getting out a new newsletter.

The center itself will be remodeled with construction starting sometime later this year.  Our volunteers have submitted many ideas to the FS planners who  have designed the updated center with many of our suggestions in mind.  The redesigned center will be more informational and functional for all.   Both the FS and FOMF are anxious for this update.

I wanted to personally thank all of the FOMF volunteers who have been patient and faithful for these past difficult years.  You have continued to be an encouragement to myself as well as each other.  This organization loves The Gorge area and enjoys helping the many visitors who enter the Visitor’s Center.  Your endurance  over the past year especially is to be commended.  I want to thank all of you who feel that this is now the time to retire because your service to the wider community has been invaluable.  You have enhanced the lives of many tourists over the years!   I also want to thank those of you who are returning because you are extending the mission of FOMF.  The FOMF board is working hard to make your service enjoyable and safe.